Congress 2015

Information on 5th International Congress on Homoeopathy 2015

from April 30 to May 3, 2015 at the Best Western Congress Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia

Стоимость участия в конгрессе: € 400,00 (вкл. перерывы на кофе)

Starting from 2003, once in three years the Armenian Association of International Homeopaths in partnership with “Nor Arev” organizes international homeopathic congresses, in which participate world renowned doctors-homeopaths, among them Doctors father and son Pareeks (India), Doctor D. Spinedi (Switzerland), doctor-pediatrician H. Pfaifer (Germany), the President  of the LIGA (World Homeopathic Organization) Doctor U. Fischer, R. Methner (Germany).

Congress fees: € 400,00 (incl. coffee/cake during the breaks)

A visa is no longer necessary.
Important! Your passport must be valid for 5 months minimum.

Hotel and flight: Hotel and flight need to be booked independantly.
If you wish to stay at the Congress Hotel, please book your room indicating the keyword „Homeopathy – Congress 2015“. We have been granted a certain quota of single and double rooms. Booking via this quota must be effected by 31 March 2015 at the latest.

A single room costs approx. € 85,00 and a double room approx. € 105,00 (incl. taxes and breakfast). The prices are approximated because of the interdependance of the Armenian currency (Dram) with the US Dollar and the Euro.

Reservations can be made using the following E-mail address: . They will be carried out by Ms Knarik Stepanova. If you want to make a reservation at the Congress Hotel, you should write that you will arrive by plane very early in the morning (this night will be charged at half price). This way it will be guaranteed that you get a room after your night-flight.
Please bring all confirmations with you in duplicate to avoid problems with reception, which sometimes finds it a little hard to cope.

There are now quite a few hotels in Yerewan. The Congress Hotel is situated a couple of minutes on foot south of the Square of the Republic.

You can also rent a holiday apartment. You can find a house with holiday apartments at a low price and with good reviews under „IR’s house“ in the internet. And if a hotel is not right in the center, you can take a taxi for very little money (usually only 1-2 €).

Do not change money before you come to Yerevan. There are bureaus de change at every corner which are checked by the police. It is not worth changing large amounts of money since everything is much cheaper in Armenia. You can, for example, get a good meal at a restaurant for around 10 Euros. In the meantime many food stores are also quite well stocked, sometimes even similarly to those in Europe.

There are several airlines flying to Yerewan:
Austrian Airlines (via Vienna), Czech Airlines (via Prague), British Airways (via London), Air France (via Paris), Aeroflot (via Moskow).
They usually fly during the night.
Most participants so far have used Austrian Airlines. These flights stop over in Vienna. The flight continues from Vienna to Yerewan at 22.20 hours.
I would recommend booking early, as the cheapest flights have already partly been sold out.
Participants would fly in the evening of 28 April 2015, arriving in the early morning of 29 April 2015. All participants will be picked up by us at the airport by bus.
In the afternoon, you can then take part in a guided tour of Yerewan in German language.
The booking of your return flight is at your own discretion.

Round trip:
If you want to take part in the trip through Armenia, your return flight would be in the early morning of Friday, 8 May 2015. The trip will be put together and accompanied by a German tour guide. Your reservation at the hotel in Yerewan would then have to be made until 4 May 2015.
After that, we will stay at hotels en route.

Information about the trip can be found on our homepage or you can contact Sabine Zimmermann ( giving your address, so that the relevant information can be sent to you.