Congresses 2018

Information on 6th Congress on Homeopathy 2018 in Yerevan, Armenia

from April 26 to 29, 2018 at the Best Western Congress Hotel ****

Congress fees: € 400,00 (incl. coffee/cake during the breaks)

Please transfer this amount by March 31, 2018 to the following account: Nor Arew e.V. IBAN: DE89 6029 1120 0735 7390 05 BIC: GENODES1VBK Volksbank Backnang eG
A visa is no longer necessary, a valid passport is sufficient.

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 5 months beyond the date of your return flight.

Hotel and flight:

Hotel and flight must be booked by you. Please contact me if you need any help. If you wish to stay at the Congress Hotel, you can book your room indicating the keyword „Homeopathy – Congress 2018“. We have been guaranteed a certain quota of single and double rooms. Booking via this quota must be effected by 1 March, 2018 at the latest. A single room costs approx. € 80,00 and a double room approx. € 100,00 (incl. taxes and breakfast). The prices are approximated because of the interdependence of the Armenian currency (Dram) with the US-Dollar and the Euro.

Reservations can be made using the following E-mail address:

Reservations will be carried out for you by Ms Armine Tavakalyan (in English or Russian). You will then be informed that you need to pass on your credit card details for a confirmed booking.

Should your flight be scheduled to arrive in Armenia in the early morning (for example when booking with Australian Airlines), please say so when booking your hotel, as otherwise your room will not be available to you before the afternoon. If you want to check into your room before 6 o’clock in the morning after a night-flight, this will be charged to you by most hotels as a full day. Alternatively, if you check in after six in the early morning, this will be charged as half a day. Such an early arrival at the hotel is called „pre-booked for an early arrival” and this information needs to be printed on your booking confirmation to guarantee you your room at this time. It is best to indicate your airline with corresponding flight number when booking your hotel.

Those who arrive early with Austrian Airlines, LOT, Aeroflot or UIA, can go to the hotel by a bus which we will organize for you. If you arrive at another time, you can order a taxi from your hotel or take a taxi at the airport. We would recommend taxis with a telephone number on the car, since they are registered and have a taximeter.

Please bring all booking confirmations with you in duplicate to avoid problems with reception; they sometimes find it a little hard to cope.

There are now quite a few hotels in Yerevan, so you do not necessarily have to book your room at the Congress Hotel. However, the standards of these hotels can sometimes be quite different from European ones.

The Congress Hotel is situated fairly close to the center, a couple of minutes on foot south of the Republic Square.

You can also rent a holiday apartment. If your hotel or holiday apartment is not right in the center, you can take a taxi at a fairly low price (usually only 3 – 4 €).


There are several airlines which fly to Yerevan: Austrian Airlines (via Vienna), Czech Airlines (via Prague), British Airways (via London), Air France (via Paris), Aeroflot Russian airline (via Moscow), UIA Ukrainian airline (via Kiev), LOT Polish airline (via Warsaw). Most of them fly during the night; some of the Eastern European airlines fly during the day as well.

Most participants so far have used Austrian Airlines. These flights stop over in Vienna. The flight then continues from Vienna to Yerevan at 22.20 hours.

I would recommend that you book early, as the cheaper tickets are usually sold out quickly.

Participants would fly in the evening of 24 April, 2018, arriving in the early hours of 25 April, 2018. All participants arriving on 25 April, 2018 in the early morning hours will be picked up at the airport by a bus, which we will organize for you.

In the afternoon of 25 April, 2018 you can take part in a German tour of the city. It is up to you for which date you want to book your return flight and will depend on whether or not you wish to take part in the trips offered below. The congress finishes on 29 April, 2018 at around 18.00 hours. The earliest date for your return flight would therefore be 30 April, 2018 early in the morning (probably at 4.25 a.m.).

Social programme for guests during the time of the congress:

While the congress is taking place, we are offering a social programme with day excursions carried out by a German speaking guide for partners of our congress participants, so that they can get to know this interesting country. Information on where these day trips will take you will be made available to you when you come to Yerevan. Of course you can book these trips individually.

If you are interested in taking part, please make a corresponding note on your congress registration form.

4 day trips (after the congress) from 30 April until 3 May, 2018:

Subsequent to the congress you can take part in 4 day trips, which will be arranged and carried out in well-tried fashion by Ms Naira Sukiasyan, our German speaking guide. These four trips can only be booked together as a package. These trips are designed as a four-day excursion, however returning to Yerevan each night. ACCOMMODATION FOR THIS PERIOD OF TIME NEEDS TO BE BOOKED BY YOU. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT WHEN BOOKING YOUR HOTEL OR APARTMENT!

The last trip finishes towards evening of Thursday, 3 May 2018. The earliest possible return flight would then be in the early morning of Friday, 4 May. If you wish to end your stay in Armenia without a hurry, you can also fly back in the early morning of Saturday, 5 May 2018 and give yourself an extra day to explore the city.

Important: All trips mentioned above, that is those taking place during the congress as well as the 4day trip after the congress, are not organized and carried out by Nor Arew e.V. Sabine Zimmermann will only write up a list of those interested and then pass it on to Ms Sukiasyan. You will need to book these trips after your arrival in Yerevan and pay for them there directly to Ms Sukiasyan in Euros.

Exchange of money:

Please do not change money before you come to Yerevan. There is an exchange office at the Congress Hotel as well as a cash machine. There are also bureaus de change at every corner which are checked by the police. It is not worth changing large amounts of money since everything is much cheaper in Armenia. You can, for example, get a copious meal at a restaurant for around 10 Euros. In the meantime food stores offer the same kind of products as in Europe. In some of them you can even get small ready meals.

Telephone / internet:

Mobile telephone calls using German SIM cards from and to Europe are still quite expensive. I would recommend that you buy an Armenian prepaid card (with or without internet use) from one of the many providers in Yerevan, which will enable you to make telephone calls to Europe and surf the internet at reasonable prices. You will need to be registered when buying such a card and will have to show your passport for this purpose.

Final thoughts:

You might also want to take out travel cancellation and curtailment insurance as well as travel health insurance including transportation back to your country in case of sickness.

Should you have any questions or if you are a little unsure about your booking, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you all good decisions.

With warm regards,

Sabine Zimmermann (organization and direction of the congress)

Römerstraße 22 71540 Murrhardt DEUTSCHLAND

Tel. +49 7192 9361944

Fax +49 7192 9361955